• Incentives and Rebates

    Make your solar + storage system even more affordable.

  • The Solar Investment Tax Credit

    Your solar installation is more affordable with the Solar ITC!

    What is the Solar Investment Tax Credit?

    The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a Tax Credit in which 26% of the cost of your solar installation is applied to your federal income taxes. The Solar ITC was set to expire, but now it's been extended through the end of 2023!

    If you install your solar system in 2021 or 2022, you'll be eligible to receive the 26% Credit. Installations in 2023 will be eligible for a 22% Credit. After 2023, there will no longer be a tax credit for residential installations.

    Can the Solar ITC be combined with the SunShares Discount?

    Absolutely! The Federal Solar Tax Credit can be combined with the SunShares discount, which means you can save even more on making the switch to solar!

    How do I claim the Solar ITC?

    To claim the Solar ITC, you must own both the solar system and the home on which the solar system was installed.

    Your system must be installed before the end of the calendar year to claim that year's Tax Credit amount on your Federal Income Taxes.


    Its important to speak to a tax advisor to see if you qualify for the solar tax credit.

  • Local Incentives & Rebates

    You may be eligible for further rebates from your local government or energy provider.

    Visit your local government’s or energy provider’s website to find out more about your options.