• Go All Electric

    Make the most of your solar panels by powering your whole home with electricity.

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    An all-electric home powered by clean energy...

    1. Saves money and energy

    2. Reduces indoor air pollution

    3. Improves your health

    4. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions!

  • What to consider as you're going solar

    If you are going solar, you have the opportunity to heat your water, cook your meals and charge your car with clean energy from the sun - and save money while you do it.


    Learn about your electrification options

    Electric appliances and vehicles are safer, healthier, and better for the planet when powered by clean energy! In the Bay Area, there are many programs making it easier and more affordable to electrify.

    Explore your options below


    Improve your home's energy efficiency

    The more efficiently you use electricity, the more you'll get out of solar. BayREN provides free home energy assessments and helps you plan your energy improvements.

    Contact a Home Energy Advisor


    Plan for your future energy needs

    Discuss your electrification and energy efficiency plans with your Selected SunShares Solar Installers. They'll work with you to size your solar system correctly for your future energy needs.

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  • Electrify your Home and your Transportation!

    Information, Rebates & Incentives for Bay Area residents

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    Rebates for Home Electrification and Energy Efficiency Improvements

    Receive rebates for home electrification measures such as heat pump water heaters, induction cooktops, insulation and much more!

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    Your Guide to Home Electrification

    Everything you need to know about electrifying your home, including pricing, local rebates and trusted contractors.

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    Information & Discounts on Electric Vehicles, Chargers & Other Clean Mobility Options

    Information for Bay Area residents on how to ride clean, including discounts on electric bikes and electric vehicles (EVs) with our friends at Ride & Drive Clean.

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    Find out about Additional EV Incentives

    Calculate how much you can save on your EV purchase with a combination of federal, state and local incentives.