• Products and Pricing

    Our offerings are valid for a limited time only. Prices listed here were available to participants in our 2022 discount program.

  • Discounts on Solar - 2022

    Prices below are sample prices which reflect the SunShares discount on solar installations.

    Prices are valid for a turnkey installation, which includes system design, permits, warranties, equipment, labor, and monitoring.

  • Discounts on Battery Storage - 2022

    All prices below reflect the SunShares discount on battery storage and include the battery unit, system design, permit, labor, and installation materials.

  • Disclaimer:

    Pricing may be subject to change if unexpected external factors either increase or decrease material and labor costs or render any proposed equipment unavailable. All pre-vetted installers guarantee the SunShares discount on solar and/or battery storage off their regular pricing.

  • Financing Options

    Skytech Solar

    Financing Options:

    Skytech offers cash purchase, loans (Umqua Bank), and PACE (CaliforniaFIRST, Hero, Ygrene) and will present these side by side for your consideration.

    Solar Technologies

    Financing Options:

    Solar Technologies offers financing through SunPower Financial.

    Infinity Energy

    Financing Options:

    Infinity Energy offers cash purchase, loans (Sunnova, Sunlight, Mosaic), monthly and pre-paid leases (Sunnova) , and PPA (Sunnova)

    Please note: While the Bay Area SunShares Program is being offered to members of participating organizations, neither the Program Administrator (Business Council on Climate Change) nor outreach partner organizations endorse any Firms and will not endorse the selected Firm(s). Any participant who enters into the Program does so in his/her personal capacity and at his/her own risk and will expressly hold each of the participating organizations harmless from any liability associated with his/her decision to participate in this Program for services for his/her personal, non-work related projects.