• Our Selected Installers

    These installers are providing service to SunShares participants who signed up during the 2023 fall campaign.

    2024 Selected Installers to be released next fall!

  • Our Selection Process

    We’ve done our homework to ensure that all installers provide:

    • Labor and equipment warranties

    • System monitoring

    • Service option for installation of EV charging stations (additional costs apply)

    • Evaluation of electrical panel for full upgrades (additional costs apply)

    • Education on energy rate plans with your utility provider


    How it happens:

    SunShares Selected Installers are chosen through a proposal evaluation and price negotiation process by an independent Proposal Evaluation Committee. Committee members are experts in the local solar + storage market who are nominated by our Outreach Partners.

    Installers are chosen based on a number of criteria including product offerings, quality of customer service and the competitiveness of their pricing. SunShares prenegotiates discounts off the normal turnkey cost of solar and battery storage installations.