• How Bay Area SunShares Works


    We do our homework to find quality installers

    SunShares pre-vets our selected solar installers to make sure you’re getting the best products and customer service.

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    We negotiate the best prices for you on solar + storage

    For a limited time every year, we offer a 15% discount on turnkey solar installation and a 10% discount on battery storage.

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    You get up to 3 no-commitment solar proposals - for free

    Sign up to hear from our selected installers, and you'll receive multiple offers to make an apples-to-apples comparison.

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  • Clean Energy Options for All

    Opt Up to 100% Renewables

    All Bay Area residents can power their homes with 100% renewable energy, whether you own or rent your home.

    Now is the time to go solar!

    The 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended through the end of 2022.

    Make your home resilient during power shutoffs

    With solar panels and home battery storage, you can store energy to power your home during power outages.

    Make the most of solar + storage by electrifying your home

    Save money, save energy, and go zero emissions by switching from gas powered appliances to new all-electric options.

  • We've Been Doing This Since 2016

    Since 2016, SunShares has helped 900+ Bay Area households install 4.5 MW of Solar!

    Check out this testimony from past participants to learn more about the SunShares experience.

    "The program provides great information about going solar. Making an informed and educated decision is a lot easier."



    Steve S's Solar System - Installed with the help of SunShares!

    "“With three different installers knocking on my door with great prices, SunShares made it easy to get the right solar at the best price. Now PG&E pays me!”

    "Working with SunShares provided a sense of structure and confidence to what might otherwise be a confusing experience."



    Ken H's Solar System - Installed with the help of SunShares!

  • SunShares is a program of the Business Council on Climate Change.

    Learn more at www. bc3sfbay.org

    Have questions? Contact us at sunshares@bc3sfbay.org