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    Discounts for Bay Area Residents on Home Solar + Storage

  • What is SunShares?


    SunShares makes it simple and more affordable for Bay Area residents to go solar + storage by pooling the buying power and negotiating discounts with pre-vetted installers. This allows all of us to accelerate clean energy adoption and build regional resilience to climate change.


    Discounts are available for a limited time in the fall of each year:

    September 1st - November 15th, 2024

  • How does SunShares work?


    We find and vet quality installers

    SunShares pre-vets selected installers to make sure you’re getting the best solar & battery storage products and service.

    Learn more about our Installers


    We negotiate a discount on solar & storage 

    For a limited time every year, our installers offer SunShares participants a discount on turnkey solar and battery storage installation.

    Learn more about our products and pricing


    You sign up for SunShares 

    During the campaign discount season, sign up in the SunShares website to receive zero commitment proposals from our pre-vetted installers - for free!

    Learn more about the SunShares process


    You choose a installer and sign a contract

    Compare proposals, select an installer, and sign a contract to secure the SunShares discount.

    Learn more about solar & battery storage

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  • Watch Eric's

    Solar Story


    "The installation of solar panels, for me, has turned out to be more cost effective than paying for traditional electricity."

  • More Clean Energy Options

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    Opt Up to 100% Renewables

    All Bay Area residents can power their homes with 100% renewable energy, whether you own or rent your home.

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    Make the most of solar + storage by electrifying your home and transportation

    Save money, save energy, and go zero emissions by switching from gas powered appliances to an all-electric home and vehicle.