• Opt Up to 100% Renewable Energy!

    Do you rent your home or own a home that isn't right for solar?

    You can receive 100% Renewable Energy from your electricity provider!

  • Renewable Energy for All

    All Bay Area residents can choose to "Opt Up" and receive 100% renewable energy from your electricity provider! The best part? It only costs the average residential customer an additional $3-5 per month.

  • Find your electricity provider

    All Bay Area residents can receive electricity either from PG&E or your local CCA (Community Choice Aggregator). Identify your provider and click the link below to start exploring your options!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Opt Up?

    When you opt up, you're supporting clean energy generation in California. Your home will be powered by 100% renewable electricity, meaning that there's no greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) associated with your electricity use. The more electric appliances you use, the greener your home - Learn more about how to Go All Electric!

    What is a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA)?

    Local governments all over California have established Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs. These not-for-profit organizations allow local communities to control how their electricity is sourced. See the map of Bay Area CCA's in the section above.

    Can I Opt Up through PG&E?

    Yes. PG&E offers a “Solar Choice” upgrade option to its customers.

    How much does Opting Up cost?

    Cost varies by energy usage, but for the average Bay Area residential customer upgrading to 100% renewable energy costs about $3-5 per month - about the cost of a latte!

    I need more information - where can I learn more?

    The Business Council on Climate Change will be hosting SunShares Informational Webinars that cover Opting Up, climate resiliency, and Bay Area SunShares, our limited-time solar + storage discount program. You can find the dates of the webinars and register to attend here.