• SunShares Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    More questions? Contact us: sunshares@bc3sfbay.org 

  • SunShares Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who's eligible for the SunShares Discount?

    Anyone living in the nine Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma) is eligible to participate in SunShares.

    Why should I go solar with SunShares, instead of contacting an installer directly?

    The #1 reason to go solar through SunShares is that we negotiate discounts with pre-vetted quality installers on the cost of solar and battery storage installations. We are able to negotiate these discounts for our participants because we represent 40+ major employers and municipalities across the Bay Area. Our pooled purchasing power and outreach capacity offsets our selected installers' marketing and customer acquisition costs, meaning they can offer us excellent prices on high quality equipment and services.

    How do I take advantage of the Sunshares discount?

    Sign up during the discount season to get connect with a pre-vetted installer and sign a contract with your preferred installer to lock in the limited-time discount pricing.


    If you are a homeowner interested in installing solar and/or battery storage, we will send your information to the solar provider(s) you selected and they will contact you to start your no-cost, no-obligation proposal.


    If you are a renter interested in powering your home with 100% clean energy, you can opt up to 100% renewable energy through your local CCA or PG&E’s Solar Choice.  Learn more here about Opting Up!

    What happens when I sign up for SunShares?

    When you sign up for SunShares, you can sign up to hear from our selected installers.

    After signing up, you will be contacted by our selected installer(s) to start your proposal. SunShares' installers will conduct either a virtual roof evaluation or a no-contact site visit to evaluate your home's suitability for solar. Based on your roof type, sun exposure, electricity usage, and other factors, our installers will design a solar system for your home and submit a proposal to you. You can receive zero commitment solar proposals - for free!

    After you receive your proposals, you have until the contract signing deadline to sign a contract with your preferred installer. You must sign a contract by the deadline to secure the SunShares discount pricing.

    The installation process, from signing the contract to installing your system, varies depending on when you sign up, availability of equipment, permitting and any necessary home upgrades.

    How are the SunShares Selected Installers chosen?

    Our installers are selected by an independent community evaluation committee, made up of experts nominated by our outreach partners. Following a competitive proposal submission and evaluation process, the committee selects who will be the SunShares installers for the SunShares campaign.


    Please note: While the Bay Area SunShares Program is being offered to members of participating organizations, neither the Program Administrator (Business Council on Climate Change) nor outreach partner organizations endorse any Firms and will not endorse the selected Firm(s). Any participant who enters into the Program does so in his/her/their personal capacity and at his/her/their own risk, and will expressly hold each of the participating organizations harmless from any liability associated with his/her decision to participate in this Program for services for his/her personal, non-work related projects.

    Who is BC3?

    The SunShares Program is administered by the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) on behalf of a coalition of Bay Area cities, municipal agencies and major employers.


    The Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) is a multi-sector partnership dedicated to incubating, scaling, and sharing world-leading solutions to address climate change. BC3 brings powerful but traditionally isolated organizations together to secure a vibrant future for our region and our planet.


    BC3 is a fiscally sponsored project of the 501 (c)3 nonprofit Community Initiatives.


    I am interested, but I still have questions before I sign up. How can I learn more?

    You can attend a SunShares Webinar! In addition to a presentation that breaks down how SunShares works and takes you through your solar + storage options, you'll also get to participate in a Live Q&A with our Selected Installers to get your questions answered directly. Learn more and register to attend here!

    I found a better price elsewhere. Why isn't SunShares my cheapest option?

    Prices between installers can drastically vary due to equipment, business models, etc. Also be sure to make an apples to apples comparison as different installers may offer different equipment, servicing, etc. SunShares' goal is to offer you the best price available on high quality equipment and services from trusted solar providers.

    More questions?

    Contact us: sunshares@bc3sfbay.org