• Solar Installation Process

  • How It Works

    A step by step process of residential solar panel installation

    Sign Up for SunShares

    Sign up during the current campaign season (September 1st - November 15th, 2022) to eligible for a discount on solar + storage. Express your interest in solar, battery storage, or both and choose which pre-vetted solar providers you would like to contact you.

    Receive Three Zero-Commitment Proposals

    After sign up, our pre-vetted solar provides will provide you with a no-obligation proposal and quote.

    Sign a Contract and Get the Discount

    You have until December 15th, 2022 to sign a contract with one of our pre-vetted solar providers and receive the discount.

    Site Visit

    The selected solar provider will conduct a virtual roof evaluation or a contactless site-visit. Installers will check roof type, angle, condition, and exposure to sunlight. They'll also evaluate your energy usage and essential loads (if battery storage desired).

    Permit Application

    The solar provider will apply for and receive city permits to start installation.

    Schedule Installation

    The solar provider will work with you to schedule an installation time.


    Solar provider sets up safety equipment, array framing, and completes installation. Installation times vary by installer and system size.

    City Inspection

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    Electric Utility Interconnection

    Your electric utility provider or CCA reviews and approves interconnection to the grid.

    System On, Harness the Power of the Sun!

    After final permission granted, your solar + storage system is ready to use! Start producing clean energy for your home.