• Congratulations on taking the next step toward powering your home with clean energy!


    Here's what happens next...


    Home Solar and Battery Storage


    If you signed up for discounts on rooftop solar and/or battery storage, we've sent your information to the pre-vetted solar provider(s) you selected. They will be in touch as soon as possible to begin your no-cost, no-obligation proposal for solar and/or battery storage.


    We recommend you prepare for your discussion with our installers by:

    1. Gathering the past 12 months of utility bills
    2. Exploring www.bayareasunshares.org to learn more about our product offerings, your electrification and energy efficiency options, and our upcoming educational events.



    Clean Energy for Homeowners and Renters

    Can't install solar on your home? No problem, you can still take part in the transition to clean energy by opting up to 100% renewables. Click here to find out how.

    Thank you for signing up with Bay Area SunShares!

    SunShares is available to anyone living in the nine counties of the Bay Area. However, most people only hear about the program through their employer, city of residence or word of mouth. Help us spread the word…Please tell a friend!

    Welcome to the SunShares community, and thank you for taking this step to make our region more resilient and sustainable!


    Bay Area SunShares is a program of the San Francisco Business Council on Climate Change | Contact: sunshares@bc3sfbay.org